Every Legend has a Beginning

Hello all,

Welcome to my blog. This is my first entry of my blog. I have published many entries from this blog before, but since I had encountered many technical problems, I have decided to start my blog again from 0. But it’s not too late for me to start all over again. If you never start, definitely you never move forward.

What are my visions of this blog?

1) To share details and useful information regarding investment tips and opportunities
testapp.appsmalaya.com will publish more article regarding entrepreneurship, generate new marketing ideas and more advice on investment strategy for you to practice and perform.

2) To be a one stop place for online entrepreneurs and investors to share ideas and exchange any information that they have.
Itferd.com will be a great hub for people to get a useful resource about any business opportunities. Making money online relatively is not as easy as we think. However, if we know the technique to do it, sure you can earn the money in few hours!

3) To share with you about how you can make money online
Adsense, Clickbank, Ebay and even paid to survey! Many of them i can share them here. But the ideas is not only limited by that. I will try to give you any tips and tricks on how can you earn every dollar on any program that you join, and you won’t regret to read every next entry of this blog.

4) To create a new personal brand
From this site, people will now how important it is to have our own brand. People will recognize us everywhere and this will build our own credibility towards the reader and the follower. Remember, viral marketing or word from mouth have a good impact in developing our reputation.

By branding testapp.appsmalaya.com effectively will:

  • Establish as an expert in online business and investment.
  • Build a solid reputation within the readers.
  • Increase notoriety and improve the perceived value in the marketplace.

People says that if we fail to plan, we plan to fail. And it’s true, no matter how good the product, we will fail in selling it if we don’t have a good marketing plan. So, every single thing that we do should have our own target and strategy. Without any doubt, begin and gain your own profit right now!


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