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Insurance Tips and Guides

Many people are looking what is the best practice in handling or buying an insurance. Here are the good guides on how you can do with your insurance.

One insurance for one asset

You need not buy more than one insurance policy to protect an asset against the same risk, e.g. fire risk for your house. If you buy more than one insurance policy, when there is a loss/damage to your asset, you can only claim under one policy. The insurer that has made payment to you will request the other insurer(s) to share proportionately the payment made to you.

Take your time

Don’t be pressured into buying a policy. If you are not sure whether the policy is what you need, ask the insurance agent or insurer to explain it to you. For a life insurance plan, the insurance agent will usually give you a “policy illustration” that shows how the policy works. Carefully study the proposal and ask for point-by-point explanation.

Duty to disclose

When buying insurance, you need to state all the material facts about the person or the item to be insured. This is for the insurer to decide if it should provide the cover and the amount of premium to be charged. If you do not observe this, your insurance policy can become invalid. Check with your insurance agent if you have any doubts on whether a fact needs to be disclosed.

Deal with registered insurance agents

You would normally buy insurance from an insurance agent, who sells insurance products for the insurer which has appointed him. When dealing with an insurance agent, ask for his Agent Registration Card or check with the insurer. If he is unable to prove that he is an authorised agent, don’t deal with him.

Shop around for a good deal

It pays to shop around for insurance. Different insurers offer plans with different benefits, terms and conditions and exclusions. It is important to understand the benefits and exclusions to ensure that you are properly covered. There is no short cut when buying an insurance policy. Read everything about the policies offered before selecting one.

Insuring your needs

The aim of having insurance is to lessen your financial burden when you suffer from losses or mishap so that there is minimal disruption to you and your family’s daily activities. However, an insurance plan only covers you for losses specified in the plan. So, if you are getting an insurance policy, make sure it covers the items you need to protect.

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Duit Percuma dengan Paypal WishList

Hello para pembaca sekalian,

Anda ada Facebook? Anda ada Paypal? Anda nak dapat duit free? Ahaaa… Kalau tiga-tiga ni ada pada anda, saya nak cerita ni satu barang baik punya..

Paypal Wishlists

Satu lagi peluang nak dapat duit percuma dari Paypal WishList .Pernah dengar program ni? Kalau belum biar saya bagi tahu dulu apa yang anda perlu ada dan kena buat:

1) Anda mesti memiliki account Paypal, kalau belum ada lagi tak mengapa, daftar percuma DISINI .

(Untuk panduan mendaftar account paypal: boleh baca lebih lanjut lagi dalam versi PDF di sini)

2) Kedua, ada juga kena ada account Facebook, kalau belum juga pun takpe, daftar percuma DI SINI

3) Lepas ada kedua-dua di atas. Join Paypal Wishlist tu kat sini

Free jer. Tak perlu keluar duit satu sen pun.. Bukan program MLM ok? Ini yang dinamakan Pay Per Lead (PPL)

5) Kalau seorang mendaftar melalui link kita akan dibayar USD 1.00 (bersamaan lebih kurang RM 3.40) maksimum kita boleh dapatkan sehingga USD100.00. Maksudnya maksimum orang boleh register atas link kita sehingga 100 account facebook!

6) Paypal Wishlist terbuka kepada pengguna facebook di India, Thailand, Malaysia, Korea, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia or Singapore. So selain daripada negara yang lain daripada di atas tidak akan termasuk.

7) Program ini akan berakhir pada 31 December 2009 dan pembayaran akan dibuat dalam account paypal anda pada 28 Februari 2010.

Jadi tunggu apa lagi.. jom daftar percuma DISINI!