StockTouch Visualizes the Power of Market Data and Investment Information

StockTouch Ipad Apps

User comments have been very favorable including this one from Appstore that captures very nicely what people have been saying about StockTouch:

“Simple, cool & efficient to provide big picture, yet easily get into details of each stock performance. Look forward the watch list feature. Wonder does it support other countries like Asia market stocks?” -Espua

StockTouch is an iPad/iPhone app that permits users to rapidly interpret in a very visual way the overall performance of the stock market, and thereafter specify down to individual stock level. StockTouch includes a breath taking interface that combine the beauty of financial market data and investment visualization.

Since the official launch in June of 2011, StockTouch has emerge moderately a chasing among both commercial and casual investors. It was urgently rated as “New and Noteworthy” via Apple’s iTune stor after StockTouch was first introduced in mobile app .

Best Financial iOS Apps 2011

Its amazing interface brings the powerful trading visualization and investment knowledge together. StockTouch will change the way we interpret stocks and companies. Seamlessly perceive the market as it unfolds and quickly dive profound to explore perceptions and trends on corporations and sectors. Touch anywhere,  either zoom in or out, check out price and volume, and go back in time. Fast loading information, elegant interface, flashy colors and smooth navigation. What a wonderful application!

StockTouch featured the top 100 corporations via market capitalization and sector. This include 9 sectors and 900 Companies in 1 user interface. Data will available 9:30AM to 4PM EST and refreshed every 5 minutes during the trading day. This app oads quick using either 3G data or WiFi connection

StockTouch is part a fresh breed of cutting-edge visual trading knowledge apps.
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Awards Received:
***Apple: Best Finance iPad App of 2011***
***Apps Magazine: Best Work App of 2011***

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